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Top 5 Things to do in Kerala

The surreal crashing beaches, the palm trees that sway with the wind, the coastline that flows along with its people’s emotions and carries forward THE ‘Gods own Country’ is a marvelous spectacle in itself.

Kerala, located in the southwestern region of India, and bordered by a number of beaches has given tourists more reasons than one could ask for to make a trip to this paradise. Growing at a rate of 13%, the tourism industry has a great hold in Kerala, not surprising is it now? Let’s see the top 5 things to do when you hit Kerala this summer

5.Meal at the Veli Tourist Village
Dining in a floating restaurant is an idea that does not have to be sold to anyone is an imagery in itself. Viewing the evening colored sky and streaks from the birds flying about, dining experience in this floating space is only further enriched with the amazing quality of traditional food that is provided by the. Paddle boat in the lake and also never miss out on the floating bridge which links the tourist village with the beach. The village is located at a distance of about 8 Kms from Thiruvananthapuram and gives one the chance to interact with locals.

4.Enjoy Village life for a day

No traveler feels this quench in his thirst for adventure unless he spends a lavish yet authentic day with the locals. The rural experience not only teaches you the simplicity and smiles of different lives, but also the culture associated with these people and the root of the same. Exploring from paddy cultivation, canoeing in the mangrove forests to fishing, crab farming, the possibilities are immense. Many Home stays are available in such secluded and distant places

3.Watch the Neelakurinji Bloom in Munnar
Imagine a sight, kissed by the blue skies, and underneath lush freshly bloomed flowers make the bed below your feet. With purple color moving with the breeze the sight lifts your spirit and awakens the joyous moment of having breathed nature. Eravikulam National Park is one of the most frequently visited attractions because of Neelakurinji, which blooms once in 12 years. If you are lucky enough you will also see NigiriThar, the endangered mountain goat while trekking to the peak of hill. The park is closed in February and march though

2.Houseboat in Alleppey

No story, no book, no attraction list is complete not just for Kerela but in India without making a houseboat visit in Alleppey. As you travel through the serene backwaters and being served an authentic meal during the same, viewing landscape with this backdrop makes the experience even more memorable. The boat accommodates an entire family and encompasses from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Prices vary from 6500-11500 and not to forget reservations are more than a must in spots like these that are booked throughout the year.

1.Elephant Bathing in Kodanad

No, it’s not a dream or a fantasy, but a reality where you can give a bath to an elephant. The Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary is a mix of many such jigsaw puzzles which completes the experience asked by any tourist. Located 42 Kms away from Kochi, visiting this spot for some extra activities is more than a must.With experiences that go beyond the general sightseeing, offering activities like elephant bath, elephant safari, elephant feeding and watching baby elephants too. The rated generally vary from 35-1500/person. The rates, of course, vary depending upon the time and activities one chooses to do in the span of time.

So next time whenever you are planning to travel select any one out of these mentioned destinations to make the experience memorable.

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