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The basic need of a man is comprised into food , shelter and clothes.But there is nothing more agonizing than taking away our freedom. Lekshyam is a latest release directed by Anzar Khan. The movie is the first one in which thriller director Jeethu Joseph scripted for another one. The movie is literally a clear cut thriller. Throughout the movie, each and every scene is set in a heart pounding pace. The movie has got Indrajith and Biju Menon as it’s lead. Sivada also played a prominent role in the thriller.

The movie begins with a jail transferring scene where the central characters Vimal portrayed by Indrajith and Musthafa played by Biju Menon is involved. Vimal is a software engineer and is convicted to murder. Musthafa is a thief and is awaiting some serious jail time. Their convoy gets in an accident in the middle of a jungle. Both of them escapes from the scenario and pursues their journey towards freedom.

Their cold blooded experience and survival instincts helps them move inch by inch through the jungle. Each and every scene is a  mystery. Their pursuit for freedom changes to the struggle to keep themselves alive. How they manages to overcome this problem completes the story.The movie is so nicely packed with thrilling scenes. The flash back sequences is nicely mixed with its hard pace. Both the half dominated to the thrilling side of the movie.

Performance of both Indrajith and Biju Menon is satisfying. Especially Biju Menon as Musthafa .
The character Musthafa demanded some one because of its humour nature. And there will be no other selection for this role rather than Biju Menon. Indrajith as a mature software engineer was also thrilling in his given role. Shivada as love interest of Indrajith played a nice character role. She has definitely transformed to a well established lead actress.All other casts showed justice to their given character.

Technically the movie demanded a talented team because of its fast pace. Cinematography is a key element in the picture. The jungle scenes and other thrilling scenes have captured well by Sinu Sidharth. It is very difficult for a cinematographer to capture wilderness and fast pace in a movie. In this case Sinu Sidharth deserves a loud round of applause. Anil Johnson’s tunes went well with the shots. Last but not least the movie has got flawless script from Jeethu Joseph.

Overall the movie is really a heart pounding experience. Movie buffs and family audience can enjoy the movie at the same time.

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