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Ranjith Sanker a talented director we got recently who gave us many wonderful films. His works including Pretham, ‘Su ‘Su Sudhi Vatmeekam’ etc were some of the wonderful films he gifted to the audience of Kerala. Now he is back with yet another one. Ranjith Sanker had been with Jayasuriya for a long time and the duo have us hits like Pretham , ‘Su Su Sudhi Vatmeekam’ etc. Now he is teaming up with Kunjako Bobban and Anu Sithara. The movie tells the story with nature in its background. A wonderfully scripted movie makes us feel the nurturing of our mother nature.

Talking about the story, the story line goes with the protagonist Raman who is a man with some twists ideas. He thinks outside the box rather than sitting safe in his own comfort zone. The movie begins with an accident and it’s proceeding happenings. It travel back some years where a family stays in a resort that is entirely situated in a remote area which is not affected by the fast moving city life. The self sustained resort is owned by Raman played by Kunjako Bobban .
The romance of Raman and Malini ,who is a dancer portrayed by Anu Sithara dominates the story.

The movie portrays the difference and pureness in the nature. Ranjith Sanker beautifully portrays how nature changes man and his thoughts. Technology is a veil in front of humans and mother nature. If we can remove that veil. It’s literally heaven on earth. That’s why the director gave this name to his movie.

Performance wise we got a huge collection of talented artists. Director is so keen in developing the characters. Each and every character has its own individuality. So it almost feels like reality rather than watching a movie. Kunjako Bobban was excellent. The maiden voyage of the Ranjith – Kunjako duo can be said as a huge success from day one itself. By watching the movie we can certainly say that it will be a huge hrosser for sure. Especially from family audience. Anu Sithara got her career best role and she definitely gave her zen percentage to the character. Her homework really payed off. Other casts like Ramesh Pisharady , Aju Varghese etc gave a slight touch of humour to the movie.

Ramante Edanthottam does not make us feel bad in case of its technical side. The movie demanded some fresh greenish visuals. Thanks to the cinematographer Madhu Neelakandan who really helped the movie with his frames. Scripting was done by the director himself and is well arranged. In the music department we have National Award winner Bijibal, who composed the melodious and romantic songs and the background score of Ramante Edanthottam. And also some fine cuts from V Sajan.

Overall the movie has a greenish outlook where we will feel so fresh. It’s a must watch for all kinds of audience and is expecting a huge rush from family audience.

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