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Simple themes but complicated story lines always give birth to thrillers. V.K.Prakash aka VKP is well known for his versatile stories and story telling techniques. Careful is his latest outing with Sandhya Raju , Vijay Babu , Joemol , Vineeth Kumar etc. in its lead. The movie is an official remake of Kannada blockbuster thriller U- Turn.
The movie was one of the best psycho crime thriller in recent movie history. Crime thrillers with rollercoaster like twists and turns always grabs audience attention quickly. This movie occupies a space in between a crime thriller and a psycho thriller. Despite the multiplex theatre issue, the movie is getting warm welcome from mallus.

The movie basically revolves around a traffic violation which is something new.
Some of the commuters remove a block from an intersection to take a u turn which is illegal. They left that block behind causing accidents. Many of the violators died mysteriously which grabbed the attention of a news reporter portrayed by Sandhya Raju.
She unofficially starts an investigation to write a report to unveil the mystery. But despite her hardwork nothing turns positive to her. So she takes a hard decision. She violates the role herself so that she will know how this bad omen strikes the victims. But a huge turn of events brings the story upside down and the aftermath concludes the story.

Casting is top notch. Especially Sandhya Raju in her character amazed us with her dazzling performance. Each and every scene was so perfect that it didn’t even felt like she is a debutant. The dancer turned actress have taken a huge responsibility for doing such a difficult character. After Neena , we got a powerful performance from Vijay Babu. His police character suits him very much. After a long time our old cutie Joemol is back to silverscreen. Her comeback character is so brilliant which made a huge impact over the audience. Other casts like Saiju Kurup , Sreejith Ravi, Aju Varghese , Vineeth Kumar etc delivered a decent performance to their respected characters.

Rajesh Jayaraman ‘s uncompromising script with efficacy of VKP brought us an excellent entertainer. Technical side has been closely monitored. Dhanesh Raveendranath handles the cinematography section which is top notch. He literally captured all the frames quite perfectly. Music is safe in the hands of Anand Sanker. Tunes are long memorable. Also some fine cuts from Babu Ratnam.

Overall movie is an excellent blend of thriller and psycho frames. Every age group cam surely enjoy each and every frame.

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