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You know what’s the tiniest and most inevitable thing that rules cinemas.It’s the dream. Movies are all the brain child of some artist. In that sense , movie makers are literally a dream catcher. There were many movies that portrayed the struggle and dedication behind the camera to make a movie. There were many successful tales told about amazingly talented movie aspirants.

Oru Cinemakkaran is the latest M town release directed by Leo Thaddeus and started by Vineeth Sreenivasan , Rejisha Vijayan , Renji Panicker etc. This flick has been written by the director himself.The movie tells the story about a movie aspirant. The trailer was out early and everyone was expecting a decent entertainer. Well let’s see what we have got here.

Oru Cinemakkaran as said tells the story of a wanna be movie maker namely Alby portrayed by Vineeth Sreenivasan himself. He comes from an sort of Orthodox background where his father is a priest. For fullfilling his dream, he catches his train to Kochi and meets his love life. He got inspired from his lady love to strangle the obstacles and move forward to pursue his dream. Female lead is carried out by State award winner Rejisha Vijayan. The movie is set in an even pace by Leo Thaddeus. Movie is packed with enough comedy and fun to watch scenes. The screenplay is nicely handled by the director which is written by himself. Leo Thaddeus is famous for his early works like Pachamarathanalil and Payyans. He tried his very best to change his style of directing and is seen through the flick. Although the theme is not so fresh and was tried before , the director managed to avoid clichés and give it a fresh look and we can undoubtedly say he succeeded.

Vineeth Sreenivasan’s talent and expertise can be easily seen in each and every scene. He covers a lot of field in the cinema industry and knows how it works. His performance graph is racing like a rocket from movie to movie. Rejisha Vijayan on the other hand have given a wonderful mature performance. She decently portrayed her given character rather than giving some overwhelming classy stupidness. The Anuraga Karikkinvellam fame had bagged the Best Actress award recently and is at the beginning stage of a wonderful career. Other artists like Lal, Renji Panicker, Anusree, Vijay Babu, Harish Kanaran, Lalu Alex also done well in it. Lal had done a sterling job in it and Vijay Babu’s performance also needs to be mentioned. Renji Panicker and Anusree too had made their presence felt by giving cool performances.

Cinematography was in the hands of Sudheer Surendran and was so naturalistic in his frames. Music was tuned by Bijipal and his songs provided an extra boost to the overall entertainment quotient of the flick. The experienced Renjan Abraham handled the editing section ad as usual he did a superb job with his crisp and sharp cuts.

In Total, Oru Cinemakkaran is a well-made fun filled entertainer which will never disappoint you. It is a paisa vasool movie which will satisfy every kind of audience, be it youth or family audience.

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