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One of the best thing to watch on silver screen is campus movies. It brings back the memories of our old nostalgic college life. Role Models directed by veteran comedy King Raffi can’t be said as a throughout campus thriller. But the story line begins with in a campus. And also the friendship we get from their is everlasting. Fahadh Fasil , Namitha Pramod leaded comedy express movie Role Models has hit the screen today. The movie is getting positive reviews from all the theatres . This Eid release is expected to pull audience towards theatres to enjoy their holiday. Let see what they have in their bag.

The story line revolves around the life of Gautham portrayed by Fahadh Fasil. His college life was wonderful. As always it had the sweetness of friendship and love. But his love interest Sreya played by Namitha Pramod goes away without any word leading Gautham into a heartbreak. As always his friends came to his help when he was down. Rexy played by Sharafudheen , Vinayakan , Vinay Fort and Srinda completes the gang. They are always protective towards Gautham. This heart break leads Gautham to be a perfectionist. He changes towards a boring corporate employee. But his friends will never let him down. So they decides to find out the whereabouts of Sreya, his lost love. The aftermath concludes the story.Basically the movie talks about friendship and love. But it is full of non stop energy. There is no gap between comedies. First half of the movie is dominated by the campus sequences. Second half concentrates on the main plot.

Fahadh Fasil is back in his comedy avatar after a while. He is a matured actor who can handle any tough subject. It was just like a walk in the park for him. He perfected the given character with ease. On  the other hand we got Namitha Pramod who delivered a nice and apt performance. Really there is no substitute for this character other than Namitha. She is turning to be a full fledged actress with each of her movie. Vinayakan again put on the comedians shoes. Its been a long time since we saw him that way. Sharafudheen scored in each and every appearance. Vinay fort , Srinda , Siddique, Renji Panicker etc was excellent.

Technically the movie kept a good standard. Shamdat Sainudheen moved the camera and gave us some nice apt frames. He captured the beauty of Goa nicely. Gopi Sunder safely handled the music department so their is no worry their. Raffi’s expertise and long experience in making amazing comedies really paid off here.

Overall the movie is a good enjoyable one for all kinds of audience. This Eid must not be left without tasting this funny treat.

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