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Pothettans brilliance is a new term we got in our cinematic language after the success of MAHESHINTE PRATHIKAARAM. It was a stellar entertainer with amazing homework and dedication by its director Dileesh Pothen. The debutant stunned the audience as well as critics with his amazing life like portraiture of a story. His direction was perfect without giving any loopholes for error. Now Dileesh Pothen is back with another flick. Like always Dileesh sticks with the simplistic and realistic genre of story telling. Even the names of his movies are a sheer reflection of the realism he adopts. Dileesh reunited with Fahadh this time and collaborated with Suraj Venjarammoodu for the first time.The film has got a new face Nimisha Sajayan.

Talking about the story line, the movie almost have no cooked up story line. It’s an incident or a situation that escalates with the characters reaction to that particular incident. Here Fahadh and Suraj plays an equally important pivotal roles. Nimisha Sajayan , Suraj , Fahadh three of them meets at a police station. The police station scene was so damn realistic. If any of you have visited a police station definitely you can relate the scene. Dileesh pulled off a realistic police station more than that of what Abrid Shine did in Action Hero Biju.
The story travels with these 3 characters perspective.

The movie is a comedy thriller but the same time a love story. A beautiful song was dedicated to the love story between Suraj and Nimisha. First half ends with an interval bang. Both half dominates in comedy.

Performance of the three leads are extra satisfying. Especially Fahadh, it’s the second time Fahadh putting on make up for a Dileesh Pothen movie. Fahadh thrilled the audience with his character. He scored in each and every scene. Suraj on the other hand delivered decent and matured performance. He had long pivotal character and was excellent. Nimisha Sajayan is new to the stardom and lime light. She was selected through audition by the director himself. She played a typical village girl and was pleasing to the eyes.

Dileesh Pothen is keen in selecting his crew members which shows that he never compromise in quality of his movie. Cinematography is given to the safe hands of Rajeev Ravi a National Award winner who has a nation wide fame. Music was excellent, especially the romantic song of Suraj and Nimisha. It was handled by Bijibal again a National Award winner.

Overall the movie is a chapter from a common man’s life. It is so realistic and perfectv that we can again quote it as another ‘Pothettan’s Brilliance “.

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