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Tiyaan means the above mentioned. Humanity always believes in an upper hand. First they worshiped Gods. Then they started to worship Human Gods. They thought that it is easy to praise a Human God than an invisible one. Tiyaan is a fantasy thriller directed by Jiyen Krishnakumar and penned by Murali Gopi. Like early said Tiyaan also believes in an ultimate power controlling humans. But it’s not a holy movie. It travels with fantasy and emotion on each of its hand.  It can also be said as a social satire. Although the movie travels with such intense emotions. The movie has a strong cast like Prithviraj, Indrajith, Murali Gopi, Ananya etc.

The story basically is a never seen before subject. So we cannot compare it with any other movies or subjects. The story basically revolves around the life of Pattabhiramagiri , a Sanskrit Pandit played by Indrajith Sukumaran. Pattabhiramagiri lives in a remote village in Uthar Pradesh which has a strong keralite population. They were living peacefully until the arrival of Ramakanth a self proclaimed Siva avatar. This Man-God tries to evacuate the village for his personal gains. Pattabhiramagiri and his ancestors has been living there for more than 1000years protecting the sacred land. Pattabhiramagiri becomes one of the few who protest against this violence. But he loses everything in front of Ramakanth’s huge devotees and his criminal background. This time Aslam , portrayed by Prithviraj came for his rescue. Aslam who looks and behaves like a saint or an incarnated God , helps Pattabhiramagiri in his difficult times. Aslam was a gangster in his early days who got enlightened in Himalayas. The struggle to not to give away his land makes Pattabhiramagiri do the impossible things. The aftermath of the story completes the movie.
First half of the movie has a slow pace compared to the latter half. We cannot blame that as a con because the movie is set in such a mystic background so that each and every scene must be described thoroughly. Direction by Jiyen Krishna Kumar is absolutely stunning.

Performance wise , the movie is full of talented artists. Prithviraj and Indrajith both share an equal volume of screen time. Both the characters are so intensified by the scripter Murali Gopi. Prithviraj as Aslam was stunning. His modulation and mature performance doesnot have an alternate. Indrajith on the other hand was giving us such an intense and marvelous performance. The scripter Murali Gopi has done the antagonist character Ramakanth. He made us remember Digambaran from Ananthabhadram. Other casts like Ananya, Shine Tom , Padmapriya , Suraj and Baby Nakshathra Sukumaran all was excellent. Although it was a performance oriented movie.

Technicality was well equipped by the crew members. Sathish Kurup has done the cinematography which was par excellent. The movie has one of a kind scripting which demanded such kind of versatile shots. Aerial shots and excellent use of Helicam contributed a lot in making this movie a visual wonder thanks to the cinematographer. Music had a major share in intensifying the situation. Thanks to Gopi Sunder it was safe in his hands. Although songs were so less, the background score made a wave inside the theatre.

Overall the movie is a thriller engineered for movie buffs. The strong intense sorry is not meant for faint hearted.

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