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Dreams are the best part in a man’s life. Because dreams are the chariot which carries us to the mountain of success. Many of us drop pursuing our dreams because of our age. But this movie is for those who are still pursuing their dreams despite their age. It’s a tribute for those who are struggling for their dreams to come true. Sunday Holiday is a latest release directed by Jis Joy. The movie has a wider cast which is leaded by Asif Ali and Aparna Balamurali. The movie also got Sreenivasan , Lal Jose etc. as it’s cast. The movie basically is a simple story with lots of nostalgic and life like elements which can be related to everyone’s life. It’s a simple feel good movie.

The story basically revolves around the life of a lecturer whos dream is to see a movie made with his story. But with his never ending problems and struggling day to day life, this dream is locked inside his chest with full of pain. Like the title suggests, the movie is a story happened in a Sunday. Unni Mukundan a lecturer portrayed by Sreenivasan is desperate to tell his stories to the world. But he does not receive any platform. One day he gets a chance to share his story to a famous director David Paul played by Lal Jose. This changes his life accordingly. Asif Ali as Amal is a youngster who recently migrated to the cityscapes because of his broken heart. He was dumped by his beloved girlfriend. There Amal was warmly received by some new friends called Nakutty portrayed by Siddique , Rahul by Dharmajan. Anu played by Aparna Balamurali who is a talented young girl came into his life and he falls for her.
The movie has been crafted to a feel good type. It has lots and lots of freshness and purity among its scenes. The characters are natural and seen in our day to day life.

Sreenivasan as Unni Mukundan swept us off our feet. Literally this was a big come back for the veteran actor. He managed to set an even pace to entire movie. Unlike his previous cameo roles, director Lal Jose decided to do a full fledged character in this movie. His character David Paul was brilliantly executed by Lal Jose. Asif Ali as Amal played a nice and friendly heartbroken bachelor. Aparna was excellent to her given character. Other cast like Dharmajan , Siddique was superb in each and every scene.

Cinematography of Sunday Holiday was handled by Alex J Pulickal and he has done his job efficiently because the visuals are quite decent. It really demanded some freshness in its frames.
Music department did a good job in making the movie a really feel good one. Thanks to Deepak Dev for giving us such nice tunes. The script work has been done by Urasu and Kiran V S together and the story is unique and an altogether different experience. Overall the director
Jis Joy has done a great job in making such a wonderful feel good movie. Hope everyone will enjoy this fun ride in theatres.

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