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There is a saying in South India “Dushta Sikshana” . Which means all evil must be punished. There is lots and lots of movies which followed this principle. But DJ is not an old wine in new bottle. It is entirely a new treatment for a conventional subject. Allu Arjun starrer movie had an huge opening all over India. Allu Arjun has considered as the golden goose of the South film industry. He single handedly managed to take the huge responsibility in making a good reputation of Telugu industry all over the nation. Allu Arjun son of Allu Aravind , a well known producer among the South Indian industry is not a stranger to films as he hails from a film background. Allu is a name that Mallus tends to enjoy a lot. No other Telugu stars had the lucky charm to elope with the hearts of Malayali audiences. DJ or Duvvada Jagannatha Sasthri is his latest release. The movie goes hand to hand with the sheer performance of Allu. Movie is filled with all the essential masala mix to make it more tastier. The movie features 2 avatars of Allu where he does the titular characters.

Coming to the story , the movie basically revolves around the life of Duvvada Jagannatha Sashthri or DJ. He is a Brahmin boy who does catering business in the outskirts of Vijayawada. Because of some scams done by antagonist Royalla Naidu , DJ is forced to fight evil with his twin avatar as Duvvada Jagannatha Sashthri and DJ. The movie basically says the transformation of protagonist to these characters. On the contrary , Duvvada meets Pooja portrayed by Pooja Hegde on a wedding. Pooja swept DJ off his feet and he confesses his love to her. Later he came to know that she also has the same feeling towards him. Meanwhile her father Kusumam played by Posani Krishnamurali arranges her marriage with Chintu played by Subbaraj who happens to be the son of antagonist Naidu. As usual the cat and mouse game starts with the antagonist and protagonist. The aftermath concludes the story. Director Harish Shankar managed to maintain a good pace throughout the movie. DJ is a fully packed action thriller which dominates on the action side. Action sequences are well choreographed and does make us hold our breath sometime. Like earlier said this movie is not a typical Telugu masala. It can be evidently seen from the first seen itself.

Performance wise it’s a one man show of Allu Arjun. Like his previous movies , DJ also rely upon the stellar performance of Allu Arjun. And everytime he manages to keep the producer happy with his amazing performance. He has doing well as a cash cow for the Telugu industry for a long time.Pooja Hegde a Bollywood star also performed well in her given scenes. Rao Ramesh deserves a good mention for his performance. Veterans like Chandra Mohan and Rallapalli made the show more vivid .

Technical side of Telugu movies are never been compromised . As usual they managed to give a top notch texture to the film. Cinematography was handled by Ayananka Bose and the frames really looked international . Heart pumping music and realistic background score of Devi Sri Prasad made the overall movie so rich.
Overall it’s not a typical Telugu masala mix. Yes it has all the entertainment elements mixed with equal proportion but it still has some freshness left to it.

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